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assion for polyphonic chamber music lead a group of experienced choir singers to create I Dilettanti Chamber Choir in 2000, its aim being to restore, preserve and promote that cultural heritage. The group was especially interested in rescuing Renaissance and Baroque compositions, the Upsala and Palacio Song Books, alongside Italian, French and English religious and non-religious works from the XIV, XV and XVI centuries.
As the choir acquired experience, its repertoire gradually became more elaborated. Today, the range of works goes from the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat to Mateo Flecha’s Ensaladas, for example.
The members of I Dilettanti regularly take part in choral music events in Barcelona, as well as in the rest of Catalonia: Maig Coral, Primavera Coral, Nadal al carrer, etc. These events are organized by the Municipality or entities such as the Rotary Club, the Medical College, the La Salle Schools, etc.
I Dilettanti regularly participates in choral events in Barcelona and the rest of Catalunya: Maig Coral, Primavera Coral, The choir stays at "La Salle Bonanova" school facilities, in Barcelona. I Dilettanti are members of the Catalan Federation of Choirs (Federació Catalana d’Entitats Corals - FCEC).
Esther Doñate conducts the group since 2003.